Employing our superior Komax Gamma 333 wire processing machine and AMP K-press crimper, American Precision Assemblers manufactured a series of custom wire harnesses to be used in emergency vehicles.

Performing a series of wire cutting, stripping, crimping, and tinning operations, we assembled this wire harness from 16 AWG wire with PVC insulation to measure precisely 6 inches in overall length with 2 branches. We also installed all plastic insulated terminals to the wires.

After assembly was complete, we performed a series of heightened final visual inspections to ensure that the wire harness fulfilled all customer requirements. The completed unit met IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards for both length and crimping.

We then used our KanBan software to package all appropriate quantities in bags which were labeled with part numbers, bar codes, and date codes, and shipped the parts in modular, recyclable containers to our customer’s facility in University Park, Illinois.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Wire Cutting
Wire Stripping
Wire Crimping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Komax Gamma 333 wire processing machine
AMP K-press Crimper
Overall Part Dimensions 18 AWG Wire
Over All Length: 6.00" with 2 branches
Connector Types Insulated Fast-on Terminals
Tightest Tolerances IPC/WHMA-A-620 Standard for Length and Crimping
Material Used 16 AWG Wire with PVC Insulation
Plastic Insulated Terminals
In process testing/inspection performed In-process Inspection and Heightened Final Visual Inspection Performed
(No electrical test)
Estimated Part Weight Approximately 5 oz.
Industry for Use Emergency Vehicle
Packaging Packaged in KanBan Quantities
  • Each Bag Contains Part Number, Bar Code & Date Code
  • Shipped in Modular, Re-usable, Recyclable Containers
Delivery Location University Park, IL
Standards Met IPC/WHMA-A-620 and Customer Workmanship Standards
Product Name Positive Power Lead