APA manufactures custom printhead assemblies for Inkjet printing equipment. High speed inkjet printers can be utilized for food and beverage packaging, postal service applications, and industrial marking.

A leader in the production of custom cable assemblies, APA always fulfills client specified requirements, meeting customer tolerances for lengths and precise placement of internal parts.

Containing over 50 individual components, we are able to assemble this complex part using a combination of our advanced services, including cutting, assembly, wire stripping and crimping, and soldering. In order to manufacture this intricate assembly, we first cut all cables and tubing, including protective tubing, to customer specified lengths. We also cut the flexible shielded conduit, removing all burrs.

Next, we attach and assemble fittings to each side of the conduit and then insert all cables and protective tubing into the conduit. We additionally insert ink tubing into the protective tubing. We also ensure that the proper length of tubing and cable is extending out of the other side of the conduit. Finally, we assemble all components to the printhead chassis. After production is complete, the conduit measures 240 inches in length, and the protective tubing measures 248 inches in length. The entire assembly weighs approximately 12 pounds.

After we finish stripping and crimping the wires, we then use our advanced soldering station to fuse all conductors and in resistors to the assembly, as well as solder LED to the appropriate wires. In addition, we place shrink tubing over all soldered connections, providing these wires with further insulation and protection.

To ensure the quality of our printhead products, we employ our Cirris electrical tester and custom made fluid evaluator to examine the part for any flaws, including pressure and leaks, making sure that our printhead assemblies fulfill all performance expectations. Meeting IPC-WHMA-A-620 standards, as well as UL and CSA requirements, our custom printhead assemblies meet the needs of diverse businesses, from food and beverage to high-tech, industrial industries.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Cutting
  • Cut Conduit and Remove Burrs
  • Cut Protective Tubing
  • Cut Cables & Tubing to Specified Lengths
  • Assemble Fitting to each Side of Conduit
  • Insert Cables into Conduit
  • Insert Protective Tubing into Conduit
  • Insert Ink Tubing into Protective Tubing
  • Make sure proper length of Tubing and Cable is out on the other side of Conduit
  • Assemble Components to Printhead Chassis
  • Wire Stripping
  • Wire Crimping
  • Solder LED to Appropriate Wires
  • Solder Conductors
  • Solder In Resistors
  • Place Shrink Tubing Over Soldered Connections
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Wire Stripper & Crimpers
Soldering Station
Cirris Electrical Tester, custom made fluid tester
Hand tools and custom made fixtures
Overall Part Dimensions Conduit Length: 240"
Protective Tube Length: 248"
Tightest Tolerances Meet customer tolerances for lengths and precise placement of internal parts
Material Used Flexible shielded conduit, PTFE and EVA tubing of various diameters, coaxial cable, twisted-pair and discrete wires, shielded cable, metal braid and over 50 unique components.
In process testing performed Electrical testing Fluid Flow, Pressure and Leak Testing
Estimated Part Weight 12 lbs.
Industry for Use High speed inkjet printing for food and beverage packaging, postal services and industrial marking.
Delivery Location Wood Dale, IL
Standards Met Meets Customer specific requirements, IPC-WHMA-A-620 standards, UL and CSA requirements.
Product Name Printhead Assembly