A client in the Automotive industry is using our electronic box build assembly service, along with our other top-notch manufacturing operations. We were able to successfully build this complex component, meeting all customer expectations for quality.

To begin this process, APA first had to purchase sheet metal for the fabrication of the box. Using our drill press and Greenlee punches, we then punched and drilled all necessary holes into the fixture per our customer’s specifications. We then used our Komax wire processing machinery to cut and strip all wiring. We also employed our AMP K-Press to perform all terminal crimping necessary to successfully terminate each connector. After soldering all necessary parts onto the testing fixture, we then attached all wires and connectors and installed all other components, based on our client’s schematic.

This complex testing fixture measured 12X14X6 inches and weighed approximately four pounds. This fixture was equipped with LED lights, conventional lamps, 2 and 3 position switches, a rotary switch, and banana jacks with shorting adapters. To ensure the product met all client requirements, we performed in-process and final visual inspections. We carried out a series of electrical tests using Cirrus testers. We also used a parent/child list to ensure the part lived up to client expectations.

Once assured that the unit met all customer requirements, we then shipped the part out to our client’s facility located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This custom testing fixture successfully fulfilled all of our client’s product specifications and met IPC-WHMA-A-620 standards for quality workmanship.




Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPurchased Sheet Metal fabrication for the box
Drilled and punched holes per customer specification
Wire Cutting
Wire Stripping
Wire/Terminal Crimping
  • Connect Wires and Connectors According to Schematic
  • Install other components per customer drawing
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartDrill press, Greenlee punches, Komax wire processing machine, AMP
K-press for terminal crimping. Various hand tools for assembly.
Overall Part Dimensions12" X 14" X 6"
Connector TypesDB9 and CPC connectors, banana jacks and shorting bars.
Tightest TolerancesCustomer tolerances for hole sizes and locations.
Material UsedFabricated sheet metal, PVC insulated 20 AWG wire of various colors,
Lamps, LEDs, switches, terminal blocks, resistors and diodes, self-adhesive vinyl appliqué. Custom adapter cable.
FeaturesLED Lights, conventional lamps,2 and 3 Position Switches, rotary
switch, banana jacks with shorting adapters.
In process testing/inspection performedIn-process and final visual inspection performed.
Electrical test using Cirrus testers and parent/child list for seven variations.
Estimated Part WeightApproximately 4 lbs.
Industry for UseAutomotive and vehicle testing.
Delivery LocationAuburn Hills, MI
Standards MetCustomer specifications, IPC-WHMA-A-620 standard for workmanship
Product NameAutomotive Test Fixture