Employing our advanced electromechanical pneumatic assembly services, APA manufactures over thirty variations of fluid pans employed in Inkjet printing equipment. Inkjet printers can be used for such purposes as food and beverage packaging, postal service applications, and industrial marking.

It takes a series of complex steps, including accurate installation of subassemblies, and precise routing of all wires and various diameter tubing, to properly assemble these fluid pans. We manufacture these multi-component parts using a combination of various hand tools, torque-limiting drivers, and custom fixtures.

APA custom assembles the gage door, the brass regulator and solenoid, and all necessary brass fittings for each pan. We attach all brackets and other components to the part, while also assembling all components to the air manifold. In addition, we hook up all necessary tubing and install all vacuum and pressure gages. After this complex part is fully assembled, we then affix all necessary labels to the fluid pan.

Our fluid pans measure 18 inches wide, 14 inches high, and 6 inches deep. This complex component weighs 15 pounds. After production is complete, full functional testing is performed using custom test rigs, ensuring the fluid pans meet high industry standards. A UL recognized harness manufacturer, APA builds fluid pan assemblies that meet IPC-WHMA-A-620 certifications and pass all UL split inspection and CSA inspection programs.




Capabilities Applied/Processes Assembly
  • Assemble Brackets to Pan
  • Feed Leads Through Holes
  • Hook Up Necessary Tubing
  • Assemble Gage Door
  • Assemble Necessary Fittings
  • Install Vacuum and Pressure Gages
  • Assemble Brass Regulator
  • Assemble Components to Air Manifold
  • Attach Components to Pan
  • Affix Labels
  • Perform In-Process and Final Visual Inspection
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Hand tools, torque-limiting drivers and custom fixtures are used to assemble these products
Overall Part Dimensions 18"W x 14"H X 6"D
Connector Types DB9, CPC, Mini-4, special thermocouple connectors.
Tightest Tolerances Accurate installation of subassemblies, routing of wires and various diameter tubing is critical to the acceptance of these products.
Material Used Brass Fittings, Regulators and Solenoids are used.
Enclosures are fabricated and welded stainless steel.
Electrical connections consist of wire, terminals and connectors.
Tubing consists of various diameters and materials.
In process testing performed Full functional testing is performed using custom test rigs.
Estimated Part Weight 15 lbs.
Industry for Use High speed inkjet printing for food and beverage packaging, postal services and industrial marking..
Delivery Location Wood Dale, IL
Standards Met UL Recognized Harness Manufacturer, UL Split Inspection and CSA inspection programs.
IPC-WHMA-A-620 Standard.
Product Name Fluid Pan Assembly, approximately 30 variations.