American Precision Assemblers┬áis a well-established supplier of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies. We serve some of the world’s foremost companies spanning a broad range of industries and business segments. These companies include respected leaders in the fields of medical diagnostics, aircraft, industrial marking, vehicle systems, safety and security, aerospace, military and defense, among others.

APA’s emphasis on attentive service and anticipating the needs of our customers has resulted in expanded business opportunities from our valued customers and referrals for new business. Special recognition from our customers, in the form of awards and commendations, has added to our sense of pride and motivation.

Our management approach has combined the organization, systems and documentation found in larger companies with the flexibility and innovation of a smaller company. This formula has resulted in the efficient and responsive service that is highly valued by our customers.

Supporting this approach is our participative team of seasoned leaders, talented engineers, motivated operators and other associates, all of whom are focused on exceeding customer expectations.


  • Customer Focus
    Recognize, anticipate and respond promptly for quotes, prototypes, first articles, production and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Teamwork
    • Collaborate with customers, suppliers, and internal resources to achieve mutual success
    • Espouse loyalty to our customers and employees
    • Provide training, guidance, advancement and job satisfaction
  • Ethics
    • Practice corporate, social and environmental responsibility
    • Provide equal opportunity and diversity
    • Encourage and respect ideas and suggestions from all employees
  • Accountability
    Accept responsibility for our actions throughout the company


Established in 1992, American Precision Assemblers initially operated in a modest, leased facility of 5000 square feet in Hampshire, Illinois. Starting with a handful of employees and few customers, we soon grew in size and established an excellent reputation. Increased production volumes and an expanded customer base combined to form the decision to build our own 20,000 sq. ft. plant in 1996. Choosing to remain in Hampshire allowed us to continue to be part of a growing community, retain our valued employees and maintain the expected level of service to our local customer base, while cultivating regional and national accounts.

The new facility was well received by customers and employees. It offered space for expansion and was equipped with better lighting, air conditioning and an improved working environment for production and support associates alike. New staff members were hired, setting the stage for our next phase of growth. Significant investments were made in new equipment, which broadened our production capabilities, expanded capacity, increased quality and offered advancement for our employees.

Responding to increased production volumes and customer interest in low cost regions, a second plant was established in 2001. Hermosillo, the prosperous capital of Sonora, Mexico was selected for its favorable business environment, stable workforce and university educated engineering and management staff. While the focus of the Hermosillo plant is high-volume products, both plants were set up to handle all types of assemblies. Equipment, processes and procedures have been duplicated to allow for maximum flexibility. Communication is open and frequent between the plants, with a constant exchange of ideas.

Along the way, APA has received high supplier ratings, awards and compliments from our customers. We value such recognition and view these accolades as testaments to our constant desire and firm commitment to do everything possible to serve our customers in a professional and efficient way.

In 2008, a third plant was opened in Duluth, MN. Named American Precision Avionics, it was set up to serve Cirrus Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of general aircraft. Cirrus is well-known for the design and safety innovations that it has brought to the high end of the general aviation market Again, the best equipment and processes were combined with a cadre of competent leaders, engineers and other associates. We are proud to have received their Supplier of the Year Award and to share in the success that Cirrus has achieved. Our Duluth plant provides the wire harnesses that go into every Cirrus aircraft.

The Hampshire plant achieved ISO certification in1996. The Hermosillo and Duluth plants followed suit soon after being established and all three facilities are registered to the latest standard, ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to a robust Quality Management System has remained steadfast, with continuous certification. The highly regarded firm of International Certifications is our registrar.

Present Timeframe & Future Outlook

As global economies emerge from the recent downturn, APA remains in a strong position, with resources and staff ready to bring high levels of quality and service to our customers. We are pleased to offer the experience, enthusiasm and dedication of all our associates in pursuit of customer satisfaction and mutual success.

Looking forward, our focus is to balance and expand our customer base, using our strengths to form lasting business relationships.

The management team and employees of American Precision Assemblers would like to thank our valued customers for their business and extend an offer to potential customers to contact us for your wire harness and cable assembly solutions.

Mission & Vision

APA’s mission is to meet and exceed every customer expectation and our vision is to be regarded as the supplier of choice for companies seeking high quality, cost-effective wire harnesses, cable assemblies, box builds and other subassemblies.


APA has four principal goals, to which we are firmly committed. These goals are embraced by everyone at APA.


  • Always maintain a safe working environment for our employees
  • Provide safe, reliable products to our customers and their users


  • Establish and maintain a robust Quality Management System
  • Encourage continuous improvement initiatives
  • Maintain documentation and process control
  • Utilize the best equipment, tools and materials
  • Provide proper training and guidance to operators


  • Provide prompt and accurate quotes
  • Adhere to customer schedules
  • Respond to every customer request with courtesy and timeliness


  • Use our flexible resources to provide the best possible cost
  • Provide astute component sourcing, value engineering, along with plant, inventory and transportation options
  • Offer cost containment and cost reduction ideas

Value Added Services

APA provides many value-added services to our customers and can formulate special programs as needed.

Scope of Services and Programs

  • Value-added Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • AutoCAD and drawing preparation
  • Product improvement suggestions
  • Test and burn-in capabilities
  • Alternate component and sourcing options
  • Consignment or purchased part options
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Accounting and MRP system using Pervasive/EVO software program
  • JIT inventory management
  • “Breadman” stock replenishment programs for local customers
  • Deliveries and pick-ups using APA owned vehicles
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Dock-to-Stock programs
  • Active participation in customer meetings, walk-arounds, cost improvement and Kaizen programs
  • Attentive customer service at all levels