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American Precision Assemblers News & Event Releases


September 2015

APA received ISO certification 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems for the assembly of custom electronic cable harnesses, wiring assemblies, mechanical assemblies, and printed circuit board assemblies through a recent audit. APA has maintained ISO certification for nearly 20 years.

August 2015

As the Cirrus Aircraft CF50 Vision Jet enters the final stages of certification, APA is proud to be a contributing supplier of electrical wiring harnesses of Cirrus's industry leading personal jet.

July 2014

APA was proud to be a part of the Rockford Area Economic Council (RAEDC) presence at the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show. This is the second appearance for APA at an international air show, as we also participated in the 2013 International Paris Air Show with RAEDC.  Three representatives from APA were present at this year’s show to discuss current and future capabilities with show attendees.  Among the many visitors we met with were current customers and vendors, and many visitors with the potential of becoming future customers.  It was a busy week at the air show that yielded many leads and forged several mutual business relationships.  It was with great interest that we visited, and discussed ideas, with other show participants.  We look forward to exploring the many contacts we made at the show, and implementing many of the new ideas we learned. 

June 2014

In 2010 we began converting all of our facilities to energy and maintenance saving LED lighting.  As of today, our energy costs have been reduced by over 60% due to this initiative.  In addition, our facility lighting maintenance costs have been zero.

August 2013

In August 2013 APA established our own delivery service between Hermisillo and Nogales using our company-owned truck to improve service and to lower transportation costs.

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